Keira Knightley – The Meaning of Muse?

Keira Knightley, Saoirse Ronan, and the mysterious meaning of ‘muse’ is discussed with ATONEMENT director Joe Wright. The advantage of working with deeply talented actresses, and how Wright discovered Ronan is explored in this excerpt from Talk Show with Harper Simon.
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Keira Knightley TOTAL CONFESSION “I’m a Reptilian”

While watching “Laggies”, I saw Keira Knightley do this obvious Reptilian shapeshift. I’d call it an honest ‘confessional shapeshift’. Thank you for choosing TRUTH, Keira!
Q: I was just wondering your opinion if you believe that Christ is really the way to heaven and if he died for our sins or not?
A: I think Jesus is very interesting…I don’t think he’s god or can save us from anything. In my series “Space Gods”, I came up with the theory that Jesus was sent to reform the misuse of humans as pawns in wargames. It seems that Mankind was created by the Annunaki to labor in gold mines…but the exiled Earth governer ‘Ea’ wanted to use humans for militarism, so he enhanced our intelligence illegally. As of today, the Human race is classified as an illegal experiment because of this unauthorized enhancement. (I was recently looking at the lyrics of “Cygnet Committee” by David Bowie and thought it was ‘Ea’ speaking to us humans in that song!)

So I’m sure that Jesus is a reviled character to the ‘Illuminati’ because he seems to advocate ‘Universal Love’ – which is the key to our escape from this Matrix. If you think about the Bible, it’s bizarre that there’s somebody like Jesus in it at all. The Bible is the Word of ‘Ea’ – the governer of Earth. But it seems that Jesus was sent here because he was ‘untouchable’ – a Royal from the highest place in Annunaki society. He was having success reforming the brainwashing the humans were under…but because he was succeeding, he was murdered by ‘Ea’.

However, Jesus had spread a powerful, true message to Mankind. So apparently, the Reptilians decided to assimilate Jesus (rather than compete with him). They put Jesus into the Bible to make it seem like Jesus endorsed the Word of ‘Ea’. It’s really easy to fool humans because we were created to be worker drones and later, military soldiers. The human species is like a small child, mentally. That’s why the Reptilians like to use the same old tricks again and again to fool us. They ‘switch labels’ knowing that humans only go by superficial appearances. So they just take a revered truth teller (like Jesus) and switch him to serve their agenda. Humans will drink poison if it’s labeled ‘honey’ – just as they make war in the name of ‘Jesus’.

I think the most interesting thing Jesus says in the Bible is: “The Prince of your world is a murderer. Beware of his false leaders that appear as sheep, but are ravening wolves, inwardly.” That’s totally accurate. It’s as if this had to be included in the Bible, for some reason. You’d think it would have been removed! Obviously, these are the ‘Reptilian Shapeshifters’ who control Earth!

I think the concept of ‘perfect’ people is a deliberate deception placed into Religion because it deters humans from choosing to be good. Nobody will ever be perfect in any way. It’s basically a way of telling someone: “Don’t even try”. One thing I’m absolutely certain of is this: The most important quality we must develop to escape this Matrix is compassion and forgiveness. Again and again I see how Ea’s Hollywood tries to ridicule and deny this human attribute. But think about it…WHY would we need this quality if the ‘evolved’ world beyond this one had perfect people in it? They would never piss us off or do anything wrong. There would be no need for forgiveness.

I’d say that the evolved world we can transcend into to escape the Matrix is full of goofy and imperfect people. However, they have made a conscious choice to renounce war and killing. They forgive each other rather than reach for the nearest instrument of death every time they disagree. It’s that simple. Also, the animals don’t run away from them as fast as they can, because they have chosen to renounce predatorialsm. They live in Utopia. The big secret of Utopia is that it must be chosen – and cannot be imposed on you by a government or religion.
The Best Reptilian Shapeshifts of All Time
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“I think the best thing for Reptilians to do is to go public and stop the ‘masquerade’ altogether. They have been completely exposed, and it’s time they stopped pretending they haven’t been and just come clean.” -johnellizz

London Boulevard Trailer Official 2011 [HD] – Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley – Click to Subscribe! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us!

London Boulevard hits theaters on November 11th, 2011.

Cast: Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley, Ray Winstone, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Graham, David Thewlis, Anna Friel, Jamie Campbell Bower, Ben Chaplin, Sanjeev Bhaskar

The directorial debut of William Monahan, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “The Departed”, London Boulevar follows an ex-con trying to make a fresh start in a relationship with a reclusive actress. A sexy, stylish gangster thriller bristling with wit and brutal intrigue, “London Boulevard” stars Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley as star-crossed lovers who run afoul of one of London’s most vicious crime bosses.

London Boulevard trailer courtesy IFC Films.

Hayley Atwell / Keira Knightley / Bridget Regan Touch and Kiss

From ilvSamCat and me. We hope you’ll enjoy this – and learn something from Bess. :-D

Made to tease Sapphic (a Bridget fan) and her lady (a Keira fan). What would I get if I delivered Hayley to you girls? :-}}}}

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Keira Knightley

Keira in the best – lots of images in an amazing video!
music: Clay Aiken – Right here waiting

PAN Director Joe Wright on Tolstoy, Tom Stoppard and Keira Knightley – Harper Simon’s Talk Show

PAN, PRIDE & PREJUDICE, ANNA KARENINA, and THE SOLOIST director Joe Wright joins Harper Simon for an unconventional discussion on the weirdness of Benedict Cumberbatch, abolishing the monarchy, and the muse that is Keira Knightley. The pressures of making big budget movies, pleasures of making kids’ movies, and his unlikely inspiration from assassinated Congolese president Patrice Lumumba is illuminated in this uncensored episode of Talk Show.

Joe Wright’s recent films as director include Pan, The Soloist, Pride & Prejudice, and Anna Karenina. Mr. Wright won BAFTA’s Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement by a British Director, Writer or Producer in Their First Feature Film. He was also honored with the London Critics’ Circle Film Award for British Director of the Year and the Boston Society of Film Critics’ award for Best New Filmmaker. Pride & Prejudice was nominated for five additional BAFTA Awards, four Academy Awards (including Best Actress [Keira Knightley]), and two Golden Globe Awards; and won a second London Critics’ Circle Film Award, for Best British Supporting Actor (Tom Hollander), among other honors.


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00:00 Welcome Joe Wright to Talk Show with Harper Simon.
00:35 Is Benedict Cumberbatch a racist and his friendship with Wright.
01:30 Wright toughening up his image.
02:00 Benedict Cumberbatch’s weird name.
03:07 Marrying Anoushka Shankar and having Ravi Shankar as a father-in-law.
06:36 Anna Karenina’s ballroom scene and Wright’s love of dance.
08:00 Tom Stoppard’s wit.
10:00 Overthrowing the monarchy and abolishing the class system.
12:03 Wright’s puppeteer father.
13:06 Wright’s play about the life of Patrice Lumumba.
15:45 Working in the Congo.
17:14 Why did Wright decide to direct Atonement?
19:27 Inspiration from paintings.
19:55 Keira Knightley as a muse and discovering Saoirse Ronan.
22:55 Directing Pan.
24:15 Does he feel more pressure making films when the budget is bigger?
26:00 Making crazy requests on set.
27:37 Bringing joy to children through film.
28:30 Thanks and goodbye.